Facilities Management

PenEdu’s Facilities Management series of Online training courses include all topics directed to general manufacturing plant, processing plant, physical plant, and general construction & repair of building facilities.  This course library is a valuable addition for all hands-on learners who are responsible for constructing, repairing, and maintaining buildings and property management.  The Facilities Management series Training series consists of 36 Online courses that include:

  • General Maintenance
  • Mill Wright
  • Operator Performed Maintenance
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Environmental
  • Instrument Use & Care
  • Wood Shop Safety
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Auto Shop Safety
  • Auto Shop Tools & Procedures
  • Metal Shop Safety, and more

Whether your organization employs warehouse staff, pipefitters, instrument operators, or general maintenance workers, the Facilities Management library is an excellent addition to your companies training program. PenEdu’s Online Courses are delivered via a state-of-the-art Learning Management System or on a Pay-For-View basis through our eStore.  This allows Users to customize curricula that are critical for their work and facility requirements.

Facilities Management Online Courses Codes, Titles, Certificate of Completion, and Course Summaries

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General Maintenance - Certificate of Completion

The Certificate of Completion Program in General Maintenance consists of relevant, pre-selected Online courses that are designed to assist Learners proceed through the course of study.  Online courses in each Certificate of completion, when purchased, are assign to the purchaser all at one time and are assigned to the purchasers Dashboard.

Facilities Management

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