Instructor-Led Training
PenEdu’s four learning elements form the foundation for a beneficial, in-person learning experience by moving an individual’s knowledge in a positive direction.

1. Classroom Training
2. Student Workbooks
3. Written Testing
4. Performance Evaluation


Online DOT Operator Qualification & OSHA Safety Compliance Training
PenEdu Learning offers relevant Operator Qualification and OSHA compliance training using our online course libraries. With 700 Oil & Gas titles, each online course is carefully crafted and designed to provide specific objective-driven learning. FREE online course demos are available.


Certificate of Completion Learning
PenEdu’s Certificate of Completion programs enable individuals to review an energy-related topic by providing online training in a specific study area. We offer over 30 Certificate of Completion programs. Our Certificate programs are designed for those seeking short-term training with the goal of job readiness.


Registered User Login Portal
Our User Login Portal is a robust, best-in-class Learning Management System (LMS). Registration is important; all Registered Users are provided a personal HOME page. The home page contains the user’s assigned online courses, exams, & OQ. To register, Contact PenEdu.

CONTACT PenEdu Learning, LLC to assign online curriculum and develop trained employees.

PenEdu’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a robust system that manages large numbers of employees.

PenEdu’s LMS is priced for small gas operators and their contractors.

Our platform delivers online courses and created downloadable training and qualification records. PenEdu Learning welcomes you to review all of our learning products. Our content is crafted with care and developed using objective-driven learning. Online course demonstrations are free.

PenEdu Learning, where questions become knowledge.

We proudly serve our clients!

We look forward to serving clients with Technical Oil & Gas Training, our Online Compliance Library, and Certificate Training programs. We are thrilled to partner with clients and see their success when training industry technicians, contractors, or students.

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