Operator Qualification & Performance Checklists

PenEdu’s LMS:
1. Assign Courses
2. Track Training
3. Manage Records
4. Print Reports

Workplace Learning Made Simple

PenEdu’s On-Demand Learning is more than just training content. Your company’s technical, OQ staff, Human Resources, and operations managers will have access to hundreds of assignable online courses. Our robust Learning Management System (LMS) supports the user experience and provide client access to our curriculum management and tracking system, OQ and compliance reporting, and content review.

Individual employees access assigned curriculum through their personal Dashboard.

PenEdu Learning offers courses in 15 libraries that contain our on-demand online courses. Each course has been created with the end-user in mind. Our course content is developed according to industry standards and regulations. The courses are written using today’s instructional design techniques to maximize knowledge retention, and they’re loaded with visually relevant graphic design.

Questions? Contact Tom@penedulearning.com